is about sharing our joy from collecting Peanuts memorabilia. We love adding pieces to our collections. When we have to let go, it’s wonderful to find someone with a mutual interest in what we love. Building our community will bring together our fellow Peanuts fans. Get the word out and share in the great possibilities of!

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We want to hear your story! Made a great sale? Found something for your Snoopy room? Met a new friend? Share your success through words and photos on our Facebook page or email Caren at

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The best way to promote your listing is by using a photo! The bigger, the better. 800 X 600 pixels or larger works best for showing buyers what you have and for social media sharing. If your photo meets our criteria of being a clear representation of what you are selling and the correct size, we’ll promote your item across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. More views means more potential buyers!

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