Snoopy List was created to fill a need in the Peanuts collecting community. Collectors have items they want to sell, and collectors are looking to buy. Buying within this community has its benefits. Peanuts fans have a good understanding of how much other collectors will pay. There is a spirit of community between fans fostered over many years of in-person collector fests and online social networks.

We invite all Peanuts enthusiasts to share in this community and enjoy the camaraderie our common interest can bring.

Be a good community member!

1) Use common sense.
2) Delete your listing if it has sold.
3) Keep discussions friendly.
4) Don’t write in all caps.
5) Report any suspicious members or listings to info@snoopylist.com.


Free ads are listed for two months. Premium ads are listed for six months and are featured on the homepage and search results. Any content is up to you to create and edit.


If you find an attractive ad, just click on the contact link and send the seller a message. It’s that simple!


SnoopyList.com is a service dedicated to helping fellow Peanuts enthusiasts and collectors swap, sell, or exchange Peanuts merchandise. The creators behind the site assume no liability for any fraud, missing merchandise, lost packages, bounced checks, or other exchange and monetary problems. Please exercise all due caution when making a trade. This site does not offer any buyer or seller protection.

Posting your any personal information online or sharing your personal information should be done with caution. Any information you choose to post, i.e. phone numbers, addresses, etc is at your own risk and Snoopylist.com is not responsible for any actions taken by others with this information.


Use Common Sense:

If you have none, please ask a trusted friend to give you a second opinion. If something seems suspicious, just walk away!

Content Guidelines:

SnoopyList.com is all about Peanuts comic strip and Charles Schulz related memorabilia. Crafts, artwork and other tributes are welcome as long as they are represented as such. For more information on our guidelines, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Creating an Ad:

Description – Give any condition problems or other issues an item might have. If there are maker’s marks, include those. 99% of the time you will not need the copyright date as this is the character copyright, not the item.

Price – If you don’t know what to ask, open it up for offers.

Shipping – If you’re not selling locally, you’ll want to know about how much an item costs to ship. For smaller orders, USPS offers free boxes for Priority shipments. If an item is heavy or large, get a basic shipping quote.

Photos – Use photos of your actual item. Ads without photos don’t sell. Please do not include any copyrighted images such as Peanuts line art. A photo of an object is fine. Any copyright violations will be removed. If you use photos that are not of the item being sold, please make it very, very clear to potential buyers that the image is representational. If posting a want ad, feel free to use any image needed to clarify what you are looking for. If it is not your own image, please give credit to the original photographer.

Need more help with your ad?
Check out our “Peanuts Collecting 101” series on CollectPeanuts.com. Read more…

Making a Transaction:

Be sure to exchange contact details, decide on how payment will be exchanged and decide on shipping method when making a transaction. Buyers should be sure to ask any questions up front on condition issues and request additional photos if needed.

If meeting in person, please be safe and meet in a public place.

Sending & Receiving Payments:

Use an Online Payment Service – Use a service that can allow you to easily transfer money to the seller. Some online services have buyer and seller protection. Be sure to research which ones will work best for your transactions. Suggestions are: Paypal, Square Cash, Venmo, Google Wallet, or a bank-to-bank transfer service like Popmoney.

Check and Money Orders – Make sure any checks and money orders are cleared before shipment.

Cash – Don’t take cash unless in person. Don’t give out your bank account, social security or other important numbers. Don’t accept wire transfers. Don’t be an idiot. DO be safe!

What to do if you suspect fraud:

Contact the other party and talk it out in a calm, professional manner. Things happen to people sometimes, so give them the benefit of the doubt.

If no further contact can be made, contact us at info@snoopylist.com. We will immediately remove their profile from the site. Please remember this site is “Buyer/Seller Beware” and cannot refund any money lost during a transaction.


Packaging fragile items – Please either have a shipping service wrap your item, or wrap your item like a fragile rare egg that’s going to be dropped from the top of the Empire State Building. Seriously. All packages go through that treatment before reaching their destination. They are not carried by elves whose only purpose in life is to make sure your package is kept upright and off of the ground at all times. Assume all items are fragile. ALL OF THEM.

Damaged Package – You purchased insurance, right? If not, you may be out of luck, but contact your shipper. If you did purchase it, prepare to jump through hoops. This is why packaging is so important. I feel it is the seller’s responsibility to go through the insurance claim hoops and refund the buyer’s money. The buyer should be accommodating to the shipper’s requests. Also, be aware that sometimes the shipper will keep the damaged goods permanently. The shipper will also require all packaging materials and box be kept for inspection. The inspection will not happen at your house and all items originally shipped will go to the shipper. This is why packaging correctly is so very important.

Terms & Conditions

By using this site, as a buyer or seller, you agree to these terms & conditions.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Caren at info@snoopylist.com. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

User Account

Is my information safe? Will it be sold to any third-parties?

Any personal data needed for this site is minimal. Phone numbers and addresses are not publicly available and will not be sold. Your email will be used for contact purposes only by potential sellers/buyers and site news. If at anytime you would like your account removed, please email Caren at info@snoopylist.com.

SnoopyList.com will not ask for any credit card, bank or social security information. Only when donating through the Paypal site would your credit card information be obtained. That information is not held or seen by anyone at SnoopyList.com. If anyone requests this information via Snoopylist.com, please report that person and do not give out sensitive information.

Vigilance on your part will help insure account security. Please choose a strong password that is not used on any other site. If you encounter anyone or anything suspicious, please report it to Caren at info@snoopylist.com.

Fees & Donations

How is the money used?

Any monies raised will be used towards site running costs such as hosting, domain name renewal and base plugin updates. Anything beyond meeting the basic needs will be used for site functionality upgrades.

Are donations tax deductible?

No, but you are helping this site to continue running.

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