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The New Year is here! Make a Peanuts New Year’s Resolution and let SnoopyList.com give you a hand.

1) Finish what I start!
Find the last piece in a set by posting a want ad on SnoopyList.com. Someone might have just the Peanuts collectible you need!

2) Try something new!
Peanuts collecting is a fun, rewarding and a great way to make new friends. SnoopyList.com is the place to connect with other Snoopy fans!

3) Simplfy my life!
If you’re looking to downsize, SnoopyList.com is the perfect place to find another collector who will give your Snoopy a happy home.

4) Save money!
You pay no fees to use SnoopyList.com. Many other websites will charge to list an ad or charge commission on the selling price.

5) Give back!
If you’ve enjoyed this site and CollectPeanuts.com, show your appreciation by giving a little back. Learn more…

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